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Hello everyone,

The Solution exists, we can really overthrow this system, I am convinced of it.
By making covenants we can better accomplish this change. That’s all we join the People’s Alliance for. “To help and reunite the People!” »

Nelson Mandela wrote



There are approximately 3 phases in this project:

  • The launch phase,
  • The transitional phase
  • The final phase (known as “La Seesaw”).


This paradigm shift meets launch objectives that begin with:

Bring together citizens, collectives and structures (VSE/SME companies, associations, groups and citizen collectives) who wish to propose alternative and multidisciplinary solutions that bring us together.

– Recreate the link between citizens, through the sharing of knowledge, mutual aid and collective intelligence.

To be force of proposals and to set up a new paradigm to raise the coherence, the harmony, the purchasing power and the sovereignty between each person.

Encourage and facilitate all solidarity initiatives, favoring the local and circular economy.

Encourage and facilitate all solidarity initiatives for the protection of our retirees, our children, students, our environment, the protection of animals and the planet.

Preserve our rights, our freedoms, our purchasing power by putting people and all living beings and the planet back at the center of our decisions.

Giving hope and a future to our children!


– Taking stock of all these years of struggle with all the parties.

We have been confronted for 3 years with gurus coming out of their cave to impose their ideas, their way of seeing and their imposed solutions for the most part.

Some with the temperaments of dictators have made us fear a life even worse than the one we live today.

If these people were elected tomorrow, our lives would be thrown into chaos.

Most of these people who said they wanted to represent us were really only looking for power and money without really caring about what the people really want.

Remember the meeting of all these representatives in the presidential election, about twenty they all wanted to be elected by the people, they all wanted union of course, but each of them agreed to union, but only behind them!

We were not able to present a candidate from the people in the presidential election because of all these untimely, ridiculous fights which only had the effect of dividing us in the interest of the power in place.

If it is the current president who is re-elected, all those who exercise some power in certain collectives will be responsible for his re-election.

We have not been able to agree on a course of action to take to organize ourselves and make the right decisions.

We were not able to agree on the organization of the demonstrations on Saturday, each one wanting to pull the cover to himself. Up to 4/5 events in Paris, 3 in Lyon etc, anything big!

The observation is simple, we have not been able to organize ourselves, because of those who do not want to do anything to keep their power and those who have stolen from certain collectives by taking over the ideas that belonged to this collective to make a copy for their own benefit, making us believe they are here to defend us!

– What should we do after this acknowledgment of failure?

Challenge us, yes challenge us all.

– Stop wanting to keep power to the detriment of the success of the collective which could allow us to drive out the enarques who have governed and exploited us for 40 years.

– Work with the help of all the collectives and partner organizations, by setting up working groups throughout the national territory to find the appropriate solutions with the aim of bringing together all the citizens who wish to get involved and propose solutions to a real change in society.

With this type of national organization, we will avoid all the trolls, all the opportunists who have infiltrated our struggle since the beginning of the demands, and we will avoid a single person launching an operation like the freedom convoy.

Working together will not be easy, because you will always have the one who wants to come up and impose his solution on all the others.

If you really want there to be a solution, it must go through a national organization with all the collectives, associations and SMEs/VSEs in our country.

The journalists said of us that we were protean, let’s prove to them that citizens from all over France are ready to join forces to change this system which has exploited us for too long.

This transitional phase will allow us to take stock of the situation of more than 3 years of struggle by asking ourselves the right questions, identifying the infiltrated or interested people and above all taking the right decisions for our future.

Those who out of pure ego, those who for personal interests under the guise of helping citizens by using our struggle, do not want to participate in this momentum, let them, let’s move forward without them!

Let’s keep moving forward by demonstrating that we don’t need to be a political party to change our lives tomorrow.

We have grown in maturity, we are much more organized, there are plenty of beautiful people who are in this fight and with whom we can build a new future.


We know that most of us don’t want to hear the word “politics” anymore because it has been demonized because of the corruption and fraud that exists in this environment. My dear comrades, citizens and resistance fighters, it is our duty to take back our destiny in our own hands, for our future, that of our children and that of France.

We are not talking here about doing “Politician Politics”, but about resuming our true role as citizens, of “no longer letting the power in place decide for us”, of “choosing what we want for our future” no political party.

We therefore call on you to come and discover our organization and why not get involved in one or more areas of activity of the People’s Alliance. Our future and that of our children can truly change if all the living forces of the nation understand that we must join forces.

Our collective intelligence must take precedence over everything else, we are at a crossroads, let’s all head in the right direction towards a hopeful future by making this switchover!


Bernard Claudel
Co-president Alliance du Peuple