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The Real Estate Social Network can help you!

The REAL ESTATE SOCIAL NETWORK is developing a concept that will change conventional real estate ideas and practices.



This social network was created for all people looking for an activity.
The Real Estate Social Network invites you to get started in real estate for vacation rental and sale around a concept based on solidarity between all stakeholders. In this new concept will be associated many promises of change and hope for all OWNERS OR BUYERS WHO WISH TO SELL OR BUY A PROPERTY.

Our collaborative practices of associating many partners to present our properties for sale will be a response to the crisis of the current economic model.
The REAL ESTATE SOCIAL NETWORK participates by means of rebuilding social ties and collective solidarity.


We are an organization of women and men committed to 7 values:
Humanism, Ethics, Environment, Co-construction, Trust, Sincerity and Transparency.
A charter and a working method to deal with all requests from our owners and our buyers.


Sellers no longer trust traditional real estate agents. 42% of French people have a bad image of real estate agents.
Labels die hard! 42% of people questioned have a bad image of real estate agents.
The development of our network depends above all on absolute solidarity. This radical innovation towards the collaborative real estate economy is an alternative to the dominant model of growth at all costs.

We share our knowledge, our means, reduce our costs, pollute less and put people and the common good back at the service of our buyers and sellers who are at the center of our activity.


All our ambition is initially driven by the foundations of the collaborative economy.
It is thanks to all of you, owners, buyers and all the members of this collective serving as a relay to buy or sell our goods, that we will be able to understand and analyze the promises of this collaborative economy.

We wish to promote and develop the field of solidarity of the whole population by involving everyone.

How to change the behavior of: “Each for himself” by “one each for all! »

We have planned that 5% of our commission will become a fund for participation in solidarity rehabilitation projects or the construction of reception facilities to accommodate the elderly and first-time buyers by protecting the environment and creating a social life of solidarity. which will take priority.


The Real Estate Social Network makes it possible to pool its skills and activities, but also to develop and market its products with other entrepreneurs or ordinary citizens from all types of backgrounds as an indicator.
We have provided for the payment of 10% of our commission to the people who put us in touch with a buyer or a seller, on the day of the final sale. The functionality and sharing economy sheds light on what is at the heart of the collaborative economy: the transition from a logic of, I work alone to a logic of use of opening up to others and financing their involvement by an economic result.

This economy of sharing and giving illustrates the break with the hegemony of commercial exchange, by reintegrating into it the dimension of symbolic exchange based on giving, receiving and giving back.
People who wish to participate in the collaborative solidarity economy and who want to make this working method a reality are invited to contact our administration department by writing to:

The principle: In principle, the entrepreneur asks the members of the Real Estate Social Network to contribute to his development when he has a need, and as the Real Estate Social Network relies on reciprocity, he or she undertakes to contribute in return to the development of his partner.

Sure of our success: This responsible and united community offers many advantages such as free access to the network, lower costs for business card flyers, and services.

Our method is to respect our sellers and buyers, by providing them with a service to avoid unnecessary visits and to carry visits to target 80% of the search criteria for buyers. We want to bring values ​​of sharing, empowerment, support to sellers and buyers in all our areas of expertise.

Development :
International, let’s prove that this great action works in France by developing this solidarity network and our know-how throughout Europe.

We are the only ones in France to offer this solidarity collaborative economy service in real estate accompanied by seller owners and buyers.
Become a member and participate in the Real Estate Social Network by respecting our charter:
Anyone can become a real estate entrepreneur.
You must sign our charter, register, invite your loved ones and thus benefit from all the advantages that will be offered to you by this activity.
We thank all the owners and all the buyers for their confidence, by participating in this fantastic national solidarity.

The Real Estate Social Network
Bernard Claudel Telephone: 06 82 83 00 92

The students all have their place, you probably have skills in the field of communication, come and participate in this momentum of collaboration of an entire national network.

Great Professional Opportunity!

You want to join a key player in real estate trading throughout France, in a company specializing in the sale of apartments and villas in your region.

The perfect knowledge of the market by our on-site sales teams are the key factors for your future success.

To cope with its growth, the real estate social network is developing a structured quality approach and in this context seeks to recruit entrepreneurs who are looking for a new professional activity.


You have chosen to get into real estate!

We organize meetings to set up local or national actions to train you in contact with owners and buyers.

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