To make the connection

Support for all citizen initiatives

In direct contact with the Interest Groups, the European regional and local People’s Alliance teams support all initiatives that give voice to the people and power to the people.

We allow everyone to find their true role within the nation and to regain self-confidence.

We present citizens’ initiatives to the people without any bias, and without any commitment.

We have learned the hard way that some citizens’ initiatives hide political organizations, or infiltrated organizations, so we are parting with them immediately.

The Freedom Convoy was a fine example of people going undercover.

Alliance du Peuple is a communication medium to link and bring together groups, collectives and people who work together, we are therefore neutral and to avoid any confusion, we specify that we are outside the political party.

We highlight projects and civic actions so that all collectives, associations, and all types of organizations understand that to change this system which has oppressed us for 40 years, and therefore change the paradigm, we are going to create the Alliance of all the peoples of Europe.

This solution is based above all on the abandonment of egos, the awareness for everyone to understand that it is necessary to avoid the absorption of anyone, and to set up alliances between groups, collectives and associations.

We ask them to work together in a collective intelligence to defend the interest of the people, their freedom, their monetary sovereignty, respect for the duties and rights of man, living things, animals and the defense of the planet. .

We will thus allow each organization, association or each group or collective to develop in harmony with all the others.

Our organization is determined to create a great non-party citizen movement that will take its destiny into its own hands.

People’s Alliance Organizing Committee.