Let's change this System in place

It is not always easy to distinguish the very diverse elements by which public opinion is formed in a country which, like ours, has gone through so many revolutions and successively acclaimed such contrary political regimes.

For nearly half a century, France has had, we can say, all the political experiences. No political party really represents us today. We are no longer a privileged nation, on the contrary the current republic seems to obey dictatorial laws, which develop in silence and in the acceptance of all.

All our traditional interests are called into question, and we are moving with wise slowness, with the irresistible power that the power in place obtains, towards a barely unveiled dictatorship.
We simple citizens reproduce the same behavioral symptoms as our elders who on the eve of the 2nd World War continued to live as if nothing was going to happen.

The feeling of material strength combined with the pride of our government in place reminds us of the revolution of 1789.
We are in exactly the same situation today 233 years later.
Our social climate is tense, and our growing popular distrust of the current monarchy and its governance is absolute.

We go straight into the wall, we live from day to day without worrying about tomorrow.
The government in place has put us on morphine, on vaccines, on financial aid and gently with a smile is leading us to a dictatorial regime. In its contradictions and its whims, the citizen public spirit does not realize the situation, continues to live under the label of every man for himself, which is the very essence of a threat to social cohesion.

In its contradictions and its whims, the citizen public spirit often escapes all analysis.
There are unmistakable signs that run the risk of disconcerting the wisest forecasts and the surest judgments.
We are the image of an individualistic and unequal society, we are a divided and fragmented French society.

Alliance du Peuple proposes a radical change by emphasizing mutual respect, benevolence and tolerance, thus offering the conditions for better social cohesion. It cannot be disputed that the great majority of the French are for the republic.
The mass of the nation has become republican, as it was imperialist under the empire.

We offer all those who recognize themselves in the Alliance du Peuple an alliance representing all civic formations and all collectives.

Our Alliance that we offer is characterized by:

  • The admission of pluralism between each person on the other hand, and
  • The affirmation of the monitoring of the governance of the People’s
  • Alliance by all the people who make up this organization.
    direct democracy,
  • The increase of all employees thanks to the abolition of social charges,
  • The creation of a 2% solidarity tax applied to all financial movements,
  • The task of restoring to public affairs, in the field of education, the share of action that should belong to it by putting moral and civic education back in the right place.

The people must find skilful leaders who have the wisdom to give themselves good institutions and stick to them.
We, the People, have an appointment with history, to really change this system.

The current regime has planned everything to succeed itself.
This great superiority proves that none of his adversaries is presently in a condition to collect his succession.
We want to build an apolitical citizen organization, which will put people and the planet at the center of its concerns.
This citizen movement will address the very heart of the nation and will resolutely place itself at the head of the vast majority of French people.
No one today is really able to say who will be the worthy representative of the people today.

What is he and where is he or she?

Apart from this very small elite of professional politicians who, alas, have for them only a few rare and imperturbable loyalties, there is no one whose honor it is to live and die for the people today!
Where is the person who in the depths of the heart of every French citizen stands out as the hope of an entire nation, and what is his name?

Our country is in ruins, there are no more parties in France, they are all corrupt, cuckolded, they are all buried in agreements of propriety to take power.
Whichever way we finally turn, the eye sees only ruins.


By building this popular movement of all citizen sensitivities.
We are convinced that the people will regain power.