Participate in the development of the People's Alliance

For those looking to get involved with the Alliance du Peuple organization,

We tend to say that everyone chooses what they want to do, it’s like at Club Med, each person decides the activity
in which he wishes to participate.

Participate in the development of the People’s Alliance by involving yourself:

  • In your canton by creating a group of 100 people around you.
  • Act in its field,
  • Meet the team in your region,
  • Contact all the organizations listed in your canton:

Business schools, universities and others,
SME/VSE companies
local radio stations,
Organize events,
Organize festive gatherings,
Get closer to charities,
Organize interest groups by activity,
Organize an action with supermarkets,
Organize actions with the town hall,

Participate in the People’s Alliance project by creating housing, a small house for students and retirees in the hamlet of the farm!
Participate in the television channel “”

There are many opportunities to get involved, but you can just as easily bring your ideas to complement the list of actions we offer.

So do not hesitate any longer come and participate in this great apolitical citizen movement, in France and in Europe.