You can also act in your municipality

Agir dans sa commune and Agir dans son domaine every Tuesday at 8:30 p.m.

2 civic actions: Act in your canton and Act in your area

People’s Alliance coordinates the building of teams at the local level

“Acting in your commune” (Field Actions) at national, regional and local level
Several actions are proposed to bring people together locally, at the level of the municipalities and more widely, by going to raise awareness among students, retirees, associations, SME/SMI companies, administrations, elected officials, people in difficulty… and by offering to train interest groups.

Allow people to find a job like the real estate social network we created:

The objectives, in the short, medium and long term, are to build projects together and to provide solutions in the various fields, to give the floor back to the people and form a local network.

Act in its field:

“Act in your field” (Focus groups)
Objectives: Allow everyone to get involved (field actions and reflection actions), to find their true role, to act at the local level, to be proactive and to set up collective projects

Meet the team in your region:
People’s Alliance also coordinates the building of specific area teams at the national, regional and local level with the groups that work within the People’s Alliance.

At the national level, these teams, made up of citizens, groups and collectives, work together to respond to issues by re-informing and raising awareness among the population.

“Act in your canton” and “Act in your field”, but also social, humanist actions, integrating citizen movements and collectives, the reform of institutions, collectives of elected officials.

The meeting on the development and promotion of ADP actions facilitated by members.

For example :

  • contact all the associations listed in the canton (association of students, shopkeepers, retirees, sportsmen, etc.);
  • Contact local radio stations

Why ?
Because the ADP proposes to develop actions with local radio stations to participate in their development talk to them about ADP, and offer them to come and defend their action within ADP and to participate in programs on

  • Contact SME-VSE companies.

Why ?
Because the ADP defends the proposal to abolish the employee and employer social contributions to replace them with a tax of 1% or 2% on each financial movement.

Thus, if an employee receives 1,200 euros net, he would receive all of his gross salary, i.e. 1,550 euros, plus a 90-euro increase paid by the boss, which represents more than 30% of the employer’s charges.

His salary of €1,200 would increase to €1,640.

Or 440 euros increase corresponding to 36% more salary.
His purchasing power would not only be incomparable for him, but also appreciable for the recovery of the economy in general.
Similarly, for the boss, who would earn 70% of the employer’s contributions.

This solution brings only advantages (except for the financiers) because it has been calculated that this tax of 1 or 2% would yield much more to Social Security and Pensions than the current system.

  • Contact business schools, universities and others to inform students and encourage them to become adult and enlightened citizens.
  • Organize demonstrations with flags, banners and distribution of flyers. Face-to-face with display before and after the event. Offer workshops like Dominique does in Lyon after the event. Have legal information on the risks of organizing an event or demonstration.
  • Organize festive gatherings. Picnics and others, to get to know each other better, to no longer be isolated and to help each other, if necessary.
  • Get closer to charities. Help each other, and participate in charitable actions in your municipality.
  • organize interest groups by Activity. (ADP offers one of its first job centers with its real estate social network)
    For those looking for a job without a health pass.
  • organize an action with supermarkets. As Nicolas does so well by towing at the exit of supermarkets.
    organize an action with the town hall (ADP offers assistance to first-time buyers and retirees who wish to find accommodation
  • Participer à la chaîne de télévision « »

Participate in the development of the TVADP television channel, a citizen channel at the service of the people which will allow civil society, ignored by the mainstream media, to have a free and uncensored means of expression.
We are citizens from all walks of life who have in common a love for truth in information and for more justice in a country in the midst of chaos organized by the political class.

Participate in the People’s Alliance Project a small house for great freedom in the farm hamlet

For who ?

Young first-time buyers who find it difficult to find housing, rent far too expensive in the cities, impossible to acquire, high selling price.
Retirees who live in dehumanized nursing homes, in a room for the most part of 12 m2 without any particular activity.

Venez participez à ce grand mouvement citoyen, Agir dans sa commune

What is the concept ?

Born in the United States 15 years ago, the movement has been in France for 5 years.
Journalist Yvan Saint-Jours, founder of the magazine La Maison Ecologic, made this new way of living popular.

We will develop this solution exclusively with local craftsmen, thus creating jobs.

The concept is at the crossroads of the chalet and the mobile home while knowing that a Mini House can be easily moved on a trailer. You can opt for a version mounted on stilts placed 20 cm from the ground, it is nonetheless transportable. Its surface is between 20 and 40 m2. Its cost varies according to size and interior fittings from 27,000 to 54,000 euros.

How is the Mini House laid out?

This type of house is an art of living. It generally has a living room, an equipped kitchen, comfortable beds on the mezzanine, a bathroom with dry toilets and plenty of storage.
It is equipped with solar panels, a rainwater recovery and treatment system and a phyto-purification system for gray water.

Can a Tiny House expand?

Yes of course, it is possible to provide another Mini House next to the first one for the children’s living space with bedroom, playroom or space for friends or an office or workshop.
These micro houses are designed to last as long as a traditional house.

Where to settle with a Mini House?

Buyers often opt for the countryside on land they own or on the land of a farmer, in exchange for maintaining the soil by practicing permaculture, for example. It is a state of mind linked to nature.

The idea is to reconnect with the social and the environment. It is advisable to seek regulatory planning permission from the municipalities before installing a Mini House. We are going to work on the agricultural status, see the mayors and the administrative authorities.

We will involve nurses in this project.