Paradigm Shift Project

There is no longer a counter-power in France

All political parties represent only 15% of the French population

The conclusion is simple :
Decline of political parties
Disappointment of the people
Disenchantment of all abstainers
No more clear political line

Europe is no longer necessary as it exists and it has demonstrated for the Covid and the war in Ukraine how helpless we were.

Social injustice is real,
Real democracy does not exist,
Tax injustice is obvious.

An alliance between each group or collective must be made on the basis of a shared observation, concerning the catastrophic balance sheet, of the rulers in place for 40 years. We do not want an alliance of circumstance, we do not build a project to defend the people on “an alliance of interests”.

We are fighting to defend the interest of an entire nation, we are not fighting to have advantages and a salary.
Representing a people is not representing a business!

This responsibility should no longer be exercised by Enarques professionals who do so only to build a career and derive all the advantages that this function has provided until today. Certainly we need a representative, but this one and all those who will accompany him must understand that times have changed.

We are fighting against the enarques, but all those who do not understand that our alliance is necessary and who refuse it to go and apply alone or on another name will be responsible in the event of the defeat of the people.
We really want a union to be made with the People’s Alliance, otherwise we will still remain in this system without ever getting out of it.

Representing a country must be a priesthood, a function where people, the nation, and the common good will be the absolute priority.
Reduce the gap in perceived values ​​between political representatives and the national average.

With the help of all citizens and with the help of all apolitical citizen formations we can more surely achieve the objective of overthrowing this system which oppresses us, and crushes us with charges.

Thus, as a citizen organization, we have proposed to apolitical citizen movements to carry our cause and consequently to co-construct by inviting within the People’s Alliance all the representations of all citizen tendencies so that they together propose the solutions to change this system, while fully accepting pluralism, which is not a copy-and-paste of the pyramidal structures of the current parties.

All mediatized parties are responsible for the degradation of society and represent only the shadow of our daily problems.

After trying everything, right, center, left: nothing helps!

All political parties have abandoned us to settle in the light of power, in the light of money, in the light of the media. Who represents us and really cares about us today…Who?

We are against this system and this banana republic that has been imposed on us since the dawn of time! By making alliances we can better accomplish the change AND FIND THE SOLUTION TOGETHER!

This is all why we are part of People’s Alliance

The People’s Alliance collective
To help and reunite the People.