European Organization

At common risk, we understand that we need common solutions

To defend our united interests, all the nations of Europe must make use of new institutions such as that of a European citizen movement which only defends the interests of the people.

Our countries have often had troubled borders, but it is not for this reason that we are not entitled to retain our roots, our language, our customs, our religion, and our unique cultural heritage, while recognizing the others cultures and religions.

We are the heritage of Greco-Latin and Christian civilisations, and a large majority of citizens in Europe wish to preserve their roots. Those who govern us want us to become a single moral personality, it is not possible.

Go to France and ask a Breton, a Corsican, a Savoyard, a Norman, an Auvergnat, a Northerner, a Martiniquais, an Alsatian, a Burgundian, a Rhônalpins, a Franc-comtois, a Réunionnais etc to change their identity, It is not possible.

We must create this apolitical peaceful movement in Europe, which no politician has managed to do for the past 40 years by accepting differences.
We must give substance to this entity, to maintain a unique type of civilization that we have known until now in its European diversity.
We must protect our industry, our farmers, our environment, our students and our alumni.

The Europe of the peoples, in order to be constituted, will have to bring together a wide range of diverse interests at the service of the peoples.
All citizen communities will have to counter the plan of hegemony that the financial trusts have over our different countries and our lives.

This citizens’ movement should favor minority groups concerned with freeing themselves from the oppressive tutelage of the great powers which support those who fight the interests of the people.

The essential bases of solidarity, humanitarian, ethical, moral, environmental and economic cooperation will have to be at the center of the concerns of this movement of European citizens.

Our Europe has become impoverished, our various governments have put us in debt, all people live for some in unacceptable conditions and suffer from taxes which increase a little more every year.

Basic necessities are becoming inaccessible to a large majority of the population.
The big industries are killing us a little more each day by offering us low-cost products, stuffed with toxins which ultimately give us cancer.

The peoples of Europe have finally become aware of the interests which bind them together, and which should be safeguarded.

The proof is made with the development of the People’s Alliance in Europe.

The peril and threats to our existence are imminent. It is therefore crucial to realize that our time is running out if we do not want to switch to all-globalism, all robotics, bagged food, and no more freedom because of their 5G antennas.

It is a question of the future for our children and future generations.