Business Division

As the Alliance du Peuple, we have decided to defend the cause of small businesses and therefore to build an alliance around these 3,500,000 SMEs / VSEs to change with them this system that has been crushing us for 40 years.

We want to develop solidarity between each company, highlight the value of work, effort and sharing.

We will be a renewal of French solidarity

We will develop an associative approach of economy of scale, an approach of less polluting, an approach where each company will not be ashamed of succeeding and an approach of solidarity between SMEs / VSEs, and employees.

In the future apolitical citizen project, we propose solutions for change that will have to be approved by the people.

In particular the disappearance of social charges, replaced by a tax on financial movements.

Why ?

Because the ADP defends the proposal to increase all employees, to abolish employee and employer social charges to replace them with a 2% tax on each financial movement.

Thus, an employee earning 1200 euros net, would receive all of his gross salary, i.e. 1550 euros, plus a 250 euro increase paid by the boss, on the economy of the employer’s charges made by the SME.

His salary would go from 1200€ to 1800€ net.
Or 600 euros increase, corresponding to 50% more salary.

The increase in the purchasing power of the employee would not only be appreciable for each citizen, but also very important for the recovery of the economy in general. Similarly, the employer will strengthen its cash flow thanks to the savings made on current employer charges.

In return and in order to compensate for the loss of income from employee contributions, ADP proposes to tax all financial transactions at 2%, which would bring much more to social security and the pension program than the current system.

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