What is our goal?

Alliance du Peuple wishes to build with all the collectives a great apolitical citizen movement in France and in Europe

Build a large apolitical citizen movement.

For 40 years, an apolitical citizen movement has never existed in France. If we wanted to take an interest in the life of our country, we had to join a political party.

Building a European citizens’ organisation.

For 40 years, never has a citizens’ movement in France succeeded in building a European movement.

Since December 11, the People’s Alliance has been built in France but also in other European countries.

Bring together all the people of France, all socio-professional activities, all associations and citizen movements.

Develop all existing groups, no matter who they are, by making them known to already existing groups in the People’s Alliance so that they can work together in a collective intelligence.

We will make them known to the majority of French people by giving them the floor with the television channel TVADP.fr
Every Sunday evening on the program “Alliance du Peuple”