Pôle Télévision

On tvadp.fr, you will see and hear all those whom media censorship wants to silence, all independent journalists blacklisted because they are too curious, all European whistleblowers engaged in the same fight, all intellectuals in solidarity with our cause.

We have some great surprises in store for you.

But we also want this channel to be a breath of fresh air in our anxiety-provoking daily life, a space for a change of scenery and discovery, a meeting place for all those who have become aware of the need to build a new world in harmony with our values, our principles and our faith.

Bringing about a free and independent television channel created with bits of wood and string has not been an easy task but we will improve over time and ask for your indulgence.

logo tvadp

We hope that TV-ADP will be the start of a great media adventure and will allow the birth of a huge citizen movement to change our daily lives in this country.

Be numerous and above all be faithful and don’t forget to share our shows!

See you from 3 p.m. every day on: https://tvadp.fr