Pôle Associations

For the success of our project, we seek to promote for the whole of the French population the associations which participate in the life of the French people.
Our values, our logo are the symbol of our pride and our dynamism.
Our organization is recognized as an association responsible for promoting and defending all citizens, all SMEs/VSEs, all associations, and all citizen movements.
Our ambition is to change the system currently in place to move towards a paradigm shift.

You probably see it, like most citizens of our country, the period is one of political, social and ideological effervescence, and the upheavals due to the pandemic and the war have not helped… quite the contrary.
We also assume that as an active and recognized association, this effervescence is not indifferent to you.
Nor is it in our eyes.

Thus, as the Alliance du Peuple, we have decided to support associations and therefore to build an alliance around recognized associations to change with them this system which destroys everything, the human, the living, the planet.

Vous avez décidé de vous engager pour défendre les causes qui vous tiennent à cœur.

Our common causes are just and we could share our energies.
Obviously, Alliance du Peuple is young and it is in all humility and for this reason that we ask all associations to support this initiative and to unite for this action.

In this process I am addressing you to find out if you could inspire, participate, correct, amend our work for the part concerning your area of ​​expertise.

Nothing would prevent us from starting a more substantial collaboration together if special affinities arise between us.

With your help if you accept it, we will be able to remind everyone that we fully assume our action in defense of associations, and our community will be, thanks to you, a bearer of hope.


We will help associations to make themselves known, thanks to our television channel TVADP.fr, by offering them a television program to highlight their activity.