Citizens Pole

Our ambition is to change the system in place, by bringing together the entire population to regain their freedom.

We are not affiliated with any political party, we are not left, right, center or extreme.

We want, on the basis of a credo of social justice and better environmental claims, to propose a better future for all.

You probably see it, like most citizens of our country, the period is one of political, social and ideological effervescence, and the upheavals due to the pandemic have not helped… quite the contrary.

We also assume that as an active and recognized citizen, this effervescence is not indifferent to you.

Nor is it in our eyes.

If you have decided to get involved in defending causes that are close to your heart.

Today we do the same.

We come to you today because it seems to me that our cause is just and that we could share our energies

When we talk about people, we are talking about all those who recognize themselves :

In the Republic and in human rights,
In our origins and in respect for others,
Hoping for an alternative through the creation of an apolitical citizen movement.

Our main goal is to unite to unite!

Let us unite to build « TOGETHER THE ALLIANCE DU PEUPLE ! »

Together, we cultivate the hope of an emancipatory alternative, which will eradicate our daily difficulties, and in particular: the problems of money, survival, the syndrome of the empty fridge, social degradation, the search for a job, and , in short, of our misery.